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On March 30, 2000, news of great discoveries surrounding world: researchers at Glasgow University comparing DNA collected from a Neanderthal skeleton with a skeleton of a modern man. We hope you find this answer to a question what the long preoccupied anthropologists: Are Neanderthals our ancestors or were they completely different species of people who have disappeared from history along? And if they disappeared, which were the causes of their disappearance?

Researchers have made deep studies on a child's skeleton, older than
29 000 years, found the cave in the Caucasus Mezmaiskya. Surprising conclusion: DNA skeleton is similar to that of a Neanderthal studied in Munich three years ago rather than that of modern man. Yet it is final proof that the ancient humanoid is a forerunner of our modern human - Homo sapiens?

In Germany? Neanderthal village near Dusseldorf, in 1856 were discovered by chance during some excavation, two caves. During excavations have discovered some strange bones. Head of site sent them teacher in the village - Johann Carl Fuhlrott. Fuhlrott was shocked to the bones. Gradually realized that it was a sensational discovery, and that keeps the remains of a hominid hands of distant times.

Was called humanoid? Neanderthal? after the site was found where he kept the name long after proved clear that Neanderthals had settlements throughout Europe.
Now researchers believe that people Neanderthal ancestors from sunny Africa, however, what brought him cold in Europe? Europe during the Ice Age was covered by a shield of ice that extend to the Alps. Researchers believe that the ice covering Europa canvas grab all atmospheric humidity. As a result, the rains have become extremely rare in Africa and sudden drought. Huge herds of animals in the southern part of the continent began to migrate north in search of water. The peoples who lived by hunting, they have followed. Among them were probably Neanderthal ancestors.

Today researchers believe that Neanderthals were hardly enough in Europe about 220,000 years ago. At that time they and their ancestors were the only humanoids in those places, this probably due to the mild biological adaptation to harsh living conditions. With approximately 40,000 years ago but a new rival has emerged: Homo sapiens, who still come to Europe from Africa. Just a few hundred years away from Neanderthal man seems to have disappeared, becoming the only species Homo sapiens hominid.

However, researchers can not agree on the exact place of the disappearance of Neanderthal man. Years in a row they were convinced that Homo sapiens have driven people back to the Iberian Peninsula Neanderhtal, history facts. The oldest remains of this area were found to have over 32 Zafarraya and 000 years old.

Recently, the findings show that Neanderthals Vindija in Croatia have a length of only 28 000 years. Vindija is just the heart of the Neanderthals lived. This new discovery was a blow for the initial theory, which in fact has and demolished it.

There are alternatives to this theory: the theory of hybridization. Neanderthals were grown to the stage of Homo sapiens, Milford Wolpoff claims, an anthropologist at the University of Michigan. The assumption was based on discoveries made at Vindija. New data show that both types of humanoids have coexisted in Europe along a period of thousands of years. This cohabitation gave them enough time to combine the biologically.

Wolpoff years in a row has no answer in terms of providing evidence for his theory. But when, years ago, a child's skeleton was found in Portugal, the theory has become more or less credible. Researcher Erik Trinkaus of Washington DC and he examined the remains.

Trinkaus has dedicated his entire career discoveries related to Neanderthals. While examining the bones of children made a sensational discovery this: skeleton have characteristics from both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens from. Dating bones proved to be even more sensational. Child skeleton was older than 25 000 years. At that time the Neanderthals were gone already. But the bones had characteristics of both types of humanoids,? Which are indisputable proof that there was a cross between species?.

However there is research to refute the theory. One of the many studies were done at the University of Munich. This analysis of fossil bones discovered in 1997. Analysis led to the conclusion that Neanderthals have left no genetic trace of DNA in terms of building a modern human genetics.

Therefore, for the moment the question of the fate of our ancestors is still no scientific answer, the more so as there is no conclusive evidence to show something concrete.


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